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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

He Plugged in the Lights, I did Everything Else.

Well, it's that wonderful but crazy time of year when the to  do list is always a list pad long. Cross one thing off, and two more items get added to the list. We've developed some illustrations and copy to capture the chaos of the season. And yet, eventually everything does fall into place and we realize the true magic of the season is really about being able to share great food and fellowship with family and friends.  So take a deep breath.....slow down.... relax, and if that doesn't do the trick, you can always do what the Working Girls do and add alcohol! Happy Thanksgiving!! Jodi and Tonja

Friday, November 12, 2010

Working Girls Holiday Open House - Tuesday November 30.

All of our design work is starting to pay off. We are excited to announce our first Holiday Open House. Along with CR Gibson, One Coast and the very lovely Gift Shop Alligator Soup, we will be serving up wine, food, chocolate and fabulous gifts. So if you live in Las Vegas (or own a Learjet), stop on by, we would love to see you on Tuesday, November 30!

CR Gibson - Working Girls Holiday Collection

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Working Girls Are On the Move!!

When October Goes

Oh how we hate to see October go and doesn't this song by Nancy Wilson just sum it all up! What a wild and wonderful Halloween we had. It's no secret that Christmas and Halloween are our two favorite holidays! We had our first halloween napkin out, Chillin with my Ghoul Friends and hope you enjoyed it. Of course no Halloween is complete without Jodi's wonderful Chili and Tonja's chocolate, carmel apples. We hope you had a wonderful Halloween and we are looking forward to next year when the Working Girls will have Halloween wine glasses and plates out too!

Chilln' with my Ghoul Friends!

Jodi & Tonja - Witch and Famous

Copyright 2010 Working Girls Design

Copyright 2010 Working Girls Design