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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Crafting Project - From the Working Girls!

We know it’s late November and Holiday Christmas crafts may not be high on your priority list, but it’s probably safe to say you’ll have limited time to even shower in December, so November is actually a great month for crafting! We recently took a day in early November to create these darling holiday canvases. It was a fun afternoon filled with glitter, ink jet transfers, glue and yes wine!
a few sheets of image transfer ink jet paper
ink jet printer
small canvases (we used 6 x 6)
paper cutters
paper towels
shallow dish filled with water.
waterbase sealer, glue & finish
paint brush
optional: glue gun, boa, rhinestones for decorating
photo 1 - working girls design craft
STEP 1: Select your design and print onto the image transfer Inkjet paper. If your canvas is 6 by 6 you can make the design slightly larger to fold over the edges.
STEP 2: Print design onto paper, you may want to practice on a smaller canvas to begin with.
STEP 3: Cut the design using a paper cutter so that no white edges are showing.
Photo 2 cutting paper - working girls design
STEP 4: Place the transfer sheet into a water tray. The paper may curl a bit, just make sure it’s nice and wet.
Photo 3 paper into water - working girls design
STEP 5: Remove the transfer sheet from the water and place onto the canvas. The backing will slide off, leaving your design. Pat dry with paper towel to remove any bubbles. Don’t move the transfer around too much, as it can tear or bleed if over manipulated.
Photo 4 slide paper on canvas - working girls design
STEP 6: Allow to dry completely. Then use a brush to waterbase sealer over the transfer. Let dry for several hours. This will ensure the durability of your canvas.
STEP 7: Decorate with glitter, ribbon, rhinestones, pearls, boa or anything you desire. Let your creativity be your guide.
Photo 5 decorate canvas
STEP 8: Arrange with ornaments and greenery or add a hanger and give as a gift.

These canvases are inexpensive and a great way to decorate for the holidays or give as house warming presents for parties. In lieu of artwork, you can also use family photos or scan in kid’s artwork or their hand written messages to Santa. Kids love doing their own canvas projects, just make sure they help you clean up the mess! We’d love to hear your feedback and make sure in between all your projects, you make time to get yourself a pedicure, because we know all you really want for Christmas is off your two feet!
Jodi & Tonja, aka the Working Girls