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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Does Color Play a Role in Your Life?

The Working Girls are all about Color - and lots of it. Of course in addition to our color we like a lot of shiny things too like chandeliers, rhinestones and anything with bling. That's why you'll always see a hint of sparkle in many of the things we design. 

Working Girls - Girls Night Out Glam Pillow (in search of  manufacturer)

So we were thinking about color and the role it plays in our life when we came across this great quote by Moll Anderson in her book Change Your Home, Change Your Life.

"When you physically and mentally decide to make a change, keep it simple- start with color. Think about what colors naturally draws you, each color has energy specific to it. So when choosing a color, consider the energy it gives off."  So regardless if it's a color comforter for your bedroom, a new splash of paint on your walls or a bold bright coffee cup, consider picking out something for yourself or your home that is really beautiful. You deserve it. Cause every girls a working girl!

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