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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh $#@!, I'm A Widow Book Reading.

Well, it's our first Working Girl video!! The video is a book reading of Oh $#@!, I'm a Widow. The audio quality is not the best but it will get better we promise. This book is very special to us and it's really the reason that Jodi and Tonja ever met! After Tonja's father passed away, she went looking for a gift book to give her mother, not finding one she decided to find an artist to bring the book to life. Enter Jodi Pedri, illustrator extraordinairre! The book was completed in a few short weeks and published shortly thereafter. Jodi and Tonja had so much fun working and creating together that we launched Working Girls Design, Inc. And the rest they say is history. So this is going out to all the widows out there, and is dedicated to Emily, Carmel, Nina and Alberta.

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  1. Very nice post and love your book fellow flyer! Congratulations what an accomplishment ♥