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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Dawn of a New Year

First and foremost, we want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! There's is something very exciting about the start of a new year and for some reason 2011 holds a lot of hope and promise for the Working Girls. 2011 will mark the year the Working Girls Brand is launched not only nationally but internationally. We have been hard at work over the last two years, drawing and writing 400 pieces of artwork. It wasn't always glamorous, it wasn't always easy, but oh what a wonderful ride its been. It's been so exciting to see our images embraced by our fans on facebook (all 1,450 of you!) and by 10 different manufacturers, we are on target for 623 products (yes we counted)  to be available in 2011! For that we say thank you, for supporting us along the way. We wouldn't be here with out YOU!

What's really exciting for us is to see the reaction of women of all ages respond to our work. It gives us a lot of satisfaction to know that we are making someone smile or laugh as we speak our mind. We hope this year you take on YOUR DREAM with new energy and enthusiasm, whether its writing that book, starting that business or non-profit, losing weight, getting financially fit, going on an exotic vacation, finding love or just making yourself a really good cocktail, we hope you finally make the time and just get to it. One of our favorite sayings here at Working Girl Designs, Inc is that these illustrations and copy don't draw themselves! We carve a little bit of time out EACH DAY to do what we love, to do what inspires us. We hope you do the same, take the time, carve it out, start telling a few people NO now and then, they won't die! Your dreams are important!

Okay, well step down off our cute little paisley soap box for now, and just close by saying Happy New Year, it's going to be a great year for us and for you. Let's make it our best one yet!!

Happy New Year from  the Working Girls aka Artist Jodi and Writer Tonja!

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