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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Word about Muses!

So today finds us taking our first ever blogging assignment from the site Sunday Scribblings. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, every Saturday the blog Sunday Scribblings posts a word and it's our quest to work that word into a blog post on Sunday. Of course we are the multi-tasking Working Girls which means that we missed the Sunday deadline and are posting on Monday. Ooops, but maybe they'll go easy on us this being our first blog post and all. We are post #39 on the site and there are a lot of great entries. Go check them out we especially like post #36. So clever.

The word for the week is Muse. We won't get into the whole history of muses but the gist of the idea is that muses provide inspiration to artists and writers in their creative process. And while we can't say for sure we are fairly certain that both Jodi (aka the artist at Working Girls) and Tonja (aka the writer at Working Girls) routinely are inspired by their muses. Together we've produced nearly 1,000 images, most of them whimsical and funny (or at least we think). It seems like a lot of great ideas come when surrounded by water, whether we are swimming, or in the bathtub or taking a shower. Which perhaps means only that our muses are a lot like our husbands, put off by our body odor and only decide to come around AFTER we've pulled ourselves away from the marathon computer session and showered.

We're also fairly certain that our muses have a sense of humor. So many times we are asked by a client to develop a brand or come up with a concept and make it fresh and unique and funny. We get of the phone thinking how on earth can we accomplish this and then in an instant or flash, we have an idea.
Some of our latest works are here. Inspired my our muses no doubt. We are not sure exactly how it all works, but we are glad our muses are here, and we hope they plan to stay around, even if we forget to shower.



  1. OK, so I just squealed in delight when I looked back to read post #36 and found it to be mine!! Thank you so much - what kindness!

    I like your witty meanderings too. I think our Muses must be related. Mine is certainly prone to sulking about the slightest thing (she's pouting in the background now - I'd better go and butter her up!).

  2. Well, this was pretty inspired. My experience has been that a muse is a lot like a politician, a lot of flash but not much on actually doing anything.