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Friday, October 5, 2012

Working Girls and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sometimes things come full circle and it's certainly been a wonderful experience for us. When Jodi and I met a few years ago, one of the first products we co-created together was a gift book called Hair Today Gone Tomorrow. It's a sweet little poem about a woman keeping her confidence despite losing her hair. Both of our mothers are cancer survivors and we thought this little book would be uplifting to women, and it has been! Although it's never been on the NY Times best seller, we sell it on our website and every time it's bought, we know it's bringing comfort to the women giving and receiving the gift.

Flash forward three years and this month we find our images (those same ideas that graced our little book) appearing in COSTCO on our first Think Pink Calendar! In addition, we have a number of purse pads available through the Graphique de France website. Sometimes the smallest of dreams can expand  beyond our wildest expectation. We are proud to partner with The Susan G. Komen Foundation, Graphique de France and Costco to help raise awareness and $$ for this wonderful cause.

Our book images are now available on purse pads, with the proceeds benefiting Susan G!

Images from Hair Today Cure Tomorrow Book
Our Think Pink Calendar in Costco this month!

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  1. I am pretty sure I spoke with one of you about a wicked halloween glass that I won in a jammies for mammies breast cancer fund raiser. As it turns out the lady bought a bunch, so she gave me another one that says I go from zero to witch in 10 seconds! Would love to win one of your calendars!