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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mother of the Year Book: Crazy, Funny and True advice from Real Moms!

A few years ago, Jodi and I were talking about our childhood and our mothers and everything we put them through. And of course with Jodi having a couple teenagers of her own at that time, we started lamenting that it would be great if there was an actual gift book out there that truly covered the magnitude of what most mothers experience. Of course there is the joy, the excitement, the sweetness, but what about all those other moments. When your patience is running low, when tempers flare or a singular event causes you to doubt your own sanity. So with that idea in mind, we took to the streets (well Facebook and email anyway) and gathered and edited your stories and drew the artwork and wala, here it is. Our brand new Mother of the Year book. The book is hard cover, 72 pages long with colorful graphics on one page and a sane or not so sane pieces of true advice from real mom's telling it like it is. The book is available for purchase now at Barnes and Noble, Willow Creek Press and signed copies can be purchased at Working Girls Inc.

Now we know it's not likely going to win any pulitzer prize for literary accomplishments but that was never our intention. We just wanted to make mom's laugh. We wanted to capture the real moments of motherhood and hi-light that this whole experience is not a 100 yard dash but a long marathon and if you are getting tired, take heed. Thousands even millions have gone before you and survived and one day you'll back with bemusement, wonder and even pride 
that you not only survived motherhood, 
you thrived.

Artist Jodi and her mom

Writer Tonja and her mom

Artist Jodi with daughters Juliana and Jillian

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