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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Power of Intention

Declaration of You Tour

Surtex follwup is still in full swing and we hope to have a fresh line of products to debut soon. It's so exciting to work on new projects with new companies and expand and explore new options with our existing manufacturers. So this week we are participating in the Declaration of You Blog tour. The Declaration of You! is written and designed by the uber cool Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward. It's been fun to be a part of the blog tour and discover new artists, writers and general creative types and read what they have to say on various subject.

This week it's all about INTENTION! This is one of the subjects near to our heart and we actually have a formula we use over at Working Girls central. Don't freak out, there will be no algebra test at the end so here it is:

(h) I + (c) A = (d) Outcome

huh? Okay here it is simplified.

(heart) Based Intentions plus (correct) Action = (desired) Outcome.

What's a heart based intention? It's an intention that doesn't come from your brain. It's an internal push or a desire to create, manifest or somehow bring to life in a 3rd dimensional reality. Let's say you want to get in shape, your brain could set the intention all day long to eat carrot sticks and go to the gym, but if that is not centered in your heart guess what, you're going to end up doing just about anything other than your intention (like matching your husbands massive pile of black sox to watching back to back episodes of the Housewives of New Jersey). Or surfing You Tube for funny videos about procrastination like this one!

That's why it's important to find the joy and the fulfillment in setting your intention. Both Jodi and I are very busy, and exercising is not our favorite thing to do. But Jodi loves getting out of the house sometimes and going to see her friend Grace who just happens to be a fabulous pilates instructor, that intention works because it's coupled with friendship and a change of scenery. I don't like exercise either, but I do love the outdoors and happen to live in a community with a resort style pool, thus I end up going to the pool and swimming, much more appealing to me then throwing some 10 pound barbells around in a testosterone filled gym.

These same rules apply to business. The only intentions that really matter are the ones you set that you are WILLING to follow through on. Which brings us to the second part of our equation.

(h) I + (c) A = (d) Outcome

Intentions must be coupled with (correct) Action.

Correct action often involves things that aren't too exciting like phone calls, sending out email newsletters, follow up, and even, dare we say it...collecting on accounts. Early on, we might have had some grand ideas that we just set our intentions, work on our lovely little projects all day, and wah lah,  all this magic happens with our products lining the store shelves and money oozes from our bank account.

But alas, there is no creative/intention/magical bypass. The creating is a lot of fun, but equally enjoyable and sometimes challenging is the selling, the collaborating, the building and tweaking process. We are still perfecting our processes but one thing is clear, taking the (correct) Action is key to having your intention fulfilled.  

When our action doesn't lead to our desired result, we view it as an opportunity for corrective action. In five years, we've had to course correct within our business more than once. While not fun, we found the experience to be very educational. As Oprah likes to say, "When you know better you do better!"

So that's the formula. Hope it inspires you to create something grand and do what only you can do, bring something authentically yours into the world. Here are a few of our own most recent intentions, we'd love to hear yours too, so don't be shy. Well behaved, mild-mannered women rarely make history you know!

INTENTIONS LIST - Summer 2013 

To launch a collection of books with a publisher that makes people laugh  - we've done it once so far!
Create patterns and images that make their way to fabric, scrapbook paper, and crafting supplies.
Put our Working Girls images on products sold throughout the UK.
Develop some art images perfect for computers, iphones and skins.
Create a collection of Working Girl tabletop and gift items available in boutiques.
To travel out of state with family enjoying rest and relaxation.
Enjoy and appreciate our new Working Girls SUV and Car. 


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  1. Great post and so true about the video. Now enough reading other people's blogs, I have to get my "stuff done" lol.